my music

  • Atlanta Skyline

    Untitled LP

    Stay tuned for my upcoming five-track album which will aim towards uniting elements of hip hop, jazz, classical, and electronic music.   Read More Preview

  • Lightspeed

    The Reconnection EP

    My debut album, released just before the new year, consists of five songs reflecting a span of five years. Clicking on the album will open a new site.   Read More Listen

  • Illinois

    License to IL

    Classic collection featuring the very first raps I've written and recorded while at U of I. Coming soon!

my shows


Club Verdona

I rapped the Queen Mab speech from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

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Open Mics

Open Mic

When it was still literally Under the Couch, I was a frequent performer at the open mic there. I have also performed spoken word at the Urban Grind.


Radio Programming


I hosted a classical music shift in the mornings on WREK while I was a student. Will upload some of my favorite archived shows in the near future!